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Barron's Buzz: January 4th, 2009

Quick thoughts on this week’s Barron’s… Bubble in Treasuries?  Yeah, probably…Read the cover article, called Get Out Now by Andrew Bary and you decide. Kopin Tan does the obligatory “cash on the sidelines about to come into the market” story in The Trader column.  I’ll admit, the figures are huge, but they’ve always seemed huge,…

Graduating in a Bear Market? Wall Street's Not Hiring.

With graduation approaching for the Class of 2009, college seniors are scrambling to find jobs by the spring. Let’s hope they don’t have their hearts set on Wall Street. By the time the big unwind is through, Wall Street (and peripheral sectors) will probably have lost more than a quarter of a million jobs. Unlike ’87 or ’01-’02, most of these jobs won’t be coming back.

Pick Sectors, Not Stocks

These are the days when you either need to have a 20 year time frame or a 20 minute time frame, and either can be extremely profitable. In either case, owning the sector is going to give you all you need in terms of volatility, so leave the stock picking to the masochists.

Defensive Stocks Go Down Less, But They Still Go Down

As surely as day follows night, in a bear market environment, you will repeatedly hear the clarion call to “get defensive,” or to buy “consumer staples”. Ignore this call, individual investor, as it is merely a b-school trope that all the talking heads like to trot out in tough times to justify what they’re doing…

Bear Hall of Fame

The Bear Hall of Fame is not necessarily a list of perma-bears or doomsayers, rather, it is a place to honor those who have made a name for themselves with prescient or controversial bearish calls in the media, in academia or on Wall Street. Names, Photos and Details after the Jump…and yes, Meredith Whitney’s picture is…