King Obama and his Feudal Lords

I try to avoid being overtly political here on TRB, but something foul is afoot in our capital markets that needs to be addressed. The treatment of institutional and hedge fund bondholders in both the Chrysler and General Motors situation has one very apropos historical parallel that comes to mind, the Anglo-Norman invasion and conquest…

Can It Be? Really? A Ford Turnaround?

Here’s a new Analogy for y’all: Ford is to General Motors as The Jeffersons are to Sanford and Son While Chrysler and GM currently subsist on bridge loans from the government, Ford (F) is Movin’ On Up as their latest quarterly results came in better than expected on multiple fronts… From Ford (F) beat the first-quarter estimates…

Top 10 New Auto Models From Detroit Next Year

So with each passing day, the U.S. automakers seem to be closer and closer to a “gentle, targeted bankruptcy”, whatever the f@#% that means.  Here’s a sneak peek at the 2010 models coming out of Detroit to a dealership near you: