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That 70's Show

Even though the 70’s gave birth to Star Wars, Paul McCartney’s work with Wings and that Farah Fawcett poster, we probably don’t want to repeat that stagflationary decade if we can help it.

New Glossary of Finance Terms Volume II

Back in March, I updated the definitions of several finance terms to better suit the times.  Due to popular demand, I’m bringing this feature back this afternoon and covering a handful of definitions for y’all. Here’s the New Glossary of Finance Terms Volume II… Stagflation: This occurs when the number of male deer grows too…

The Good News: Bad Economy = Great Music

In times of economic stress, great new styles and movements emerge in American popular music. Below is a chart I’ve put together to illustrate my point. Interestingly, frivolous pop excess gets swept away as well when we get serious about the artists we want to listen to in tough times. Below is The Reformed Broker’s…