Google goes all in on AI

Only thing I will preface this video with is me saying “of course.”

In recent months, the idea that Google was somehow “ceding its leadership” in AI to Microsoft and its startup partner OpenAI has proliferated across financial media. This was dumb from the start and I said so.

Yesterday’s I/O conference makes it clear that Google (sorry, Alphabet) is going to be a leader (the leader?) in consumer AI as it begins to roll out all of the stuff that’s already been in development behind the scenes.

The wide release of its PaLM2 large language model and the generative image stuff they are doing with Adobe are high on my list of resources to play with in the coming weeks. They announced an awful lot of stuff though, worth watching the above.

Full disclosure, I am a long-term Alphabet shareholder and this is just my opinion, not an endorsement or an inducement for anyone to place any trades.