The ground is quaking

The prompt:

The output, copy-pasted into my blog’s CMS:

This is a rainbow stripe!


Obviously anyone who knows how to code could have knocked this out in a second without even having to think about it.

But how many people don’t know how to code? Most?

We’re heading into a future in which not knowing how to do a thing is going to matter much less than ever before. Technical skills will be less important than creative skills. How will matter less than why.

The ramifications for entrepreneurs in all industries, including mine, are unfathomable.

The ground is quaking.

What would you do if there were no limits on what you could do? What would you create? What would you build? If you could will an idea into existence simply by typing a natural-language command into a chat box and having trillions of dollars worth of compute power make it so – at no cost or expense of time to you – what would that feel like?

If you’re not thinking about it, you should be.