Charts of the Year plus an NYC vs Chicago pizza showdown

Join me Wednesday December 8th at 2pm ET / 1pm CT for a look at the biggest charts and trends of the year and a Chicago vs NYC pizza showdown.

What’s the story with the pizza? I forgot the details, but it might have something to do with referring to Chicago-style deep dish as “a bucket of tomato soup” on a recent episode of What Are Your Thoughts. YCharts CEO Sean Brown took a little bit of offense to that, so here we are…I’ll be tasting some of the finest pizza from both NYC and CHI and we’ll see what happens. Caleb Eplett will be judging along with me after we get through some charts.

It’s going to be fun and informative, brought to you by YCharts. Hope to see you there!

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And by the way, if you’ve never tried YCharts before, here’s a link with a 20% discount for all fans of The Compound to try it out.