My custom indexing call plays out

I called custom indexing THE investing mega trend of 2021 back in December. You can read what I had to say here.

This morning, Vanguard announced their entrance into the field via acquisition. If you know Vanguard, you know that they don’t make acquisitions. Which should tell you how strategically important they think this technology will be. Read about it at WSJ here.

By year-end, they’ll be announcing dollar figure totals for their custom index solution. Vanguard has the power to make it an overnight smash in the same way that Netflix has the ability to turn BirdBox or Sex/Life or any of their other movies and shows into a sensation – they can put it in millions of people’s faces everyday until they check it out.

Expect no different here. I’m claiming victory on this call now 🙂

It’s all happening. Welcome to the future.

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