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Sitting in my non-compete period, watching.

I see everything. I hear everything. I only talk on the phone these days. No comments, no DMs.

I only talk to the people who are making the moves these days, not the people who are talking about the people making the moves. The movers come to me for my opinion and I give it, but never publicly. If you really care about what I think, let’s talk, not make content. “I’m about to do this and I’m about to do that…” Sometimes they come for my approval and I tell them they don’t need it. Proceed. My blessings on everybody’s projects, for real, I’m in the encouragement business.

We don’t compete.

I wish victory for all. Want you to win. Your winning or losing doesn’t impact me. So why wouldn’t I wish for your winship?

The circus came to town in my absence. I was glad to be away for that era. Why fight something that always defeats itself?

Special Purpose Acquisition Carnival. Memetrades. Influencer ETFs. You think this is a whole new world but there were stock promoter scams in the 1840’s. Who do you think won? The consumers or the creators? Who do you think wins this time?

Now the fun is almost over, the marks are coughing up their last dollars. The Game Stopped. They’re packing up the tents now. Not as much fun being a stock market celebrity when the momentum switches. RTs turn to FUs. Don’t cultivate a wolfpack around yourself if you can’t afford to keep feeding it. Tekashi did that. The wolves violated him when the fun part was over.

I gotta be honest, it all feels really small from a distance. People announce shit and there’s like 5 likes, 1 comment. “I’m launching blah blah blah” 3 likes, 1 share. “I’m joining such and such company!” 7 likes, 2 of them from co-workers. Podcasts with no listeners. Videos with 20 plays. “Catch me on Clubhouse” 3 retweets, 6 faves, no shares, why would you leave that up?

It’s so tiny, but when you’re inside of it you think it’s the biggest thing in the world. It’s a little blue marble to me now. I can hold it between my thumb and forefinger like an Infinity Stone. I can drop it in a shoebox and put it on a shelf. Within the box there’s a great clamor of controversy and a jostling for position among the fighters. From within it seems like everything is at stake. From without, the box doesn’t move, despite all the violence and volatility within. Not a sound can be heard. It just sits there. You could lift the lid whenever you want. Why would you want to?

I’m in a moment right now. Putting pieces in place. Declining comment. Biding my time. Building my own lane. You can have all the rest.

How can we be competitors when I don’t want what you want?