We Must Give More Relief To Americans For The Fake Virus I Said Would Disappear On Its Own

Okay, so we have a stimulus (rescue?) bill finally, totaling over 5,000 pages. And the outgoing President wants the bill to do more for people individually, which I agree with, if targeted correctly.

I also would have liked to see restaurants – both independent operators and chains – get a special carveout rescue package similar to what we did for the airlines, given the acute pain they’re feeling as cities and states shut down indoor dining and outdoor dining becomes impossible through the winter. That didn’t happen, but hopefully enough meals are ordered in, combined with the direct payments, to help owners and employees make it through to the spring.

In the House, Democrats are planning to take Donald Trump’s tweeted number – $2,000 per person – and bring it to a vote for unanimous consent this Thursday. The Christmas Eve Stimulus has a nice ring to it.