This is the part where you and I step up and become heroes. 

Hey everyone!

I wanted to do something really special in terms of the book signing, rather than just generically stamping a signature on each copy. I wanted to be able to personally sign each book that comes in to me. But it’s a lot of work and logistically not easy, because I can’t exactly show up at a bookstore near you these days.

So, here’s the plan, and I hope you like it:

I will sign every single book, personalized if requested, for everyone who mails their copy to my office at

Ritholtz Wealth Management
24 West 40th Street floor 15
New York NY 10018

It will be my honor and pleasure to mail it back to you, paying the expense out of my own pocket. In turn, I am asking you to make a minimum $50 donation to a food bank currently supporting tens of thousands of families who’ve been suffering food insecurity.

The Harry Chapin Food Bank (Long Island Cares) estimates that over 120,000 people have come to them requesting food aid for the first time in their lives since the onset of the pandemic. LI Cares distributed over 10 million pounds of food to families in need last year, including over 100,000 meals to children, seniors and veterans of the armed services. And this year the food bank expects to see a 43% increase in demand. People have lost their jobs, they’re hurting and they don’t know how they will feed their families through the winter.

This is the part where you and I step up and become heroes.

So, to recap, mail me your copy of How I Invest My Money to the address above while making a donation to the Harry Chapin* Food Bank online right here  –  I will sign the book and send it back to you at my own expense. You will receive an email confirming your donation amount and the tax ID so you can take the charitable donation write-off.

Everyone wins and we raise money together to help some of the hardest hit people who need our help the most right now. Can we do this together?

My Sharpie is ready, send it on over! Thank you!

*Yes, that Harry Chapin, who wrote and recorded Cat’s in the Cradle. He founded his food bank 40 years ago and its gone on to become one of the most successful food banks and agencies combating hunger in the nation. You love that song, I know, me too.

Josh’s food bank fundraise (Long Island Cares – The Harry Chapin Food Bank)