Beat me at poker – we’re playing for a good cause!

So, think you have what it takes to beat me at poker? Do ya, tough guy?

Well, you probably do.

But still…I’m going to play and try my best anyway. And you can play too. 

It all goes down this Saturday afternoon, on your phone or on a desktop, you can play from anywhere. Buy-in is just $100, and all of it will go to my friend Troy Prince’s not-for-profit Wall Street Bound, which introduces inner city students and young people of color to professional trading, investment banking and other opportunities on Wall Street. It’s a great cause to which I personally donate. Now you can have some fun and make your contribution too.

Special thanks to Phil Pearlman and Rishi Khanna at StockTwits for organizing. I’ll see you at the tables!

Thanks for playing! Here’s Troy and I discussing his mission this past summer: