Bob Pisani on How I Invest My Money!

This is so awesome, CNBC’s NYSE Floor General and all-around great guy Bob Pisani wrote up How I Invest My Money for his Trader Talk column. Run, don’t walk, to hear his take –

In my 23 years as on-air stocks correspondent for CNBC, I’ve been asked many questions by strangers, but most of them boil down to some variant of “What do you think is going to happen to the markets?”

Remarkably, almost no one (OK, maybe one in a hundred) ever ask what I would consider to be the most relevant question:  “What do YOU own, Bob?”

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Josh Brown and friends tell you what they own in new investing book (CNBC)

Me and Bob back in the day (February 2020) ), when you used to be able to go places and hang out live. That’s ETF guru Dave Nadig too:

Big thanks to Bob, this review made my day!

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