Why Hedge Fund Billionaires Got Bearish

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Join Downtown Josh Brown and Michael Batnick for the all-new edition of What Are Your Thoughts?

On this episode:

Corona Correction – do stocks have to reset as new infections soar across the US and Europe?

Bearish Billionaires – many of the the most famed hedge fund managers in America got all beared up this spring at the market’s lows. So what? They can and do change their minds all the time.

General Motors – Josh pitches GM as an under the radar technology stock wrapped in a value industrial stock.

Bitcoin – the news about PayPal bringing Bitcoin accessibility and usage to its 200 million users is a very big deal.

Hedge Fund Giants – this has not been a great year for many of the largest hedge funds – and the largest hedge funds have almost all of the industry’s assets under management.

Best Buy – the retailer’s comeback is remarkable, but they probably owe a lot of the gains to the coronavirus-driven suburban housing boom.

High-Yield Stocks – should you avoid or be nervous about companies with higher than normal yields? What are you sacrificing or risking for that current income?

And much more!

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