Losing money is the coolest!

The newest episode of my podcast just went live!

Josh talks to Ben Carlson about how it is that over 400 companies in the Russell 3000 have lost money this year but posted an average stock market return of +57%. Over 100 companies that lost money in 2020 have actually seen their share price double! WTF is going on?

Dasarte Yarnway joins Josh to talk about his burgeoning financial advisory firm and the powerful message he’s been sharing throughout the industry: Spend time doing the things you value and the rest will fall into place. Dasarte is the founder of Berknell Financial Group and the host of the Young Money podcast. Dasarte wrote a chapter in the new book How I Invest My Money, now available for pre-order.

Plus: The Fastly blow-up this week may be more meaningful than you think, BlackRock says $1.4 trillion is sitting in mutual funds with negative 3-year returns, and is it Larry Kudlow’s responsibility to help you trade the pandemic?  Nope!

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