Disney wants the Netflix treatment, renting a house, breaking up tech monopolies


On an all new episode of What Are Your Thoughts, Michael Batnick and Josh Brown discuss the hottest topics on Wall Street this week, including:

*Is Facebook really a monopoly if they’re competing with Google and The Trade Desk on ads, Snapchat and Twitter on users?
*Will millennials embrace single-family home rentals as they outgrow their apartments and head to the suburbs?
*Why investors should consider REITs rather than directly investing in real estate.
*What sets today’s tech giants like Apple and Amazon apart from the trusts and monopolies of 100 years ago.
*How presidential incumbents and challengers are treated by the stock market.
*Silicon Valley wants to pay its employees less when they relocate to lower cost states and cities. It’s fair, but it won’t work.
*Q3 earnings season is now underway, did the stock market get this one right?
*And you asked whether or not a second lockdown will be treated by investors the same way that the first one has…

Let us know what your thoughts are on any of the topics discussed above.

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