Why Dave Portnoy Triggers Professional Traders: What Are Your Thoughts

Join Michael Batnick and Josh Brown for another round of What Are Your Thoughts, discussing all the biggest topics on The Street this week, including:

  • Barry Ritholtz had Barstool founder and newly minted daytrading phenom Dave Portnoy on his podcast this week
  • Public is the new Private – why companies are all of a sudden racing to go public
  • Yet another SPAC deal is consummated by Chamath
  • Technology only accounts for 6% of US GDP, but almost 40% of the US stock market
  • Why PayPal, Square, Visa and Mastercard are misclassified as technology stocks
  • Wall Street’s top strategists had an especially dismal year with their earnings estimates and price targets
  • The most expensive stocks got expensive for a reason – they’ve actually delivered for shareholders
  • Solar stocks are quite literally on fire right now, what’s happening?

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