Build something great and the world will find it

Build something great and the world will find it.

This has perhaps never been truer than it is today in the era of AWS and Instagram.

After a conversation with a young entrepreneur Hadi Yousef about his creation – The Earnings Calls app – I was so excited that I had to write about it. I called it my favorite new investing app in the world…

What if I told you there was a way to listen to any earnings conference call you want, in the form of a podcast, from an app on your phone? What if learning about DataDog, Crowdstrike, Salesforce, Gilead and all of the other exciting companies that are changing the world was as easy as checking out an episode of Joe Rogan or Bill Simmons or even Downtown Josh Brown 🙂 ? Sounds pretty good, no? Well then, my friend, do I have the app for you. It’s called, appropriately enough, Earnings Calls, and is available now for your phone. It’s absolutely free to use and you should start using it today.

Hadi told me that immediately following the post, over 2000 of you downloaded it and registered as users. He got a tidal wave of feedback from you, and I would bet the app is just going to get better and better. And then this happened!

Look at this kid go! Shout to Kelly 🙂

Anyway, he built something great. If I hadn’t discovered it then someone else definitely would have. That’s how it works. Word gets out. Especially when you’re doing something well that never existed before but that lots of people wanted – even if they hadn’t known they’d wanted it. If you had asked most investors how they would prefer to get information from corporations they were invested in, they’d have probably said “better websites” or asked for more frequent manager communiques. Hadi saw it differently. Henry Ford said “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

You didn’t know you wanted earnings calls as podcasts, but when you saw it, you fell in love. And it was only a matter of time before you saw it because it was too good not to have been discovered.

If you build something great, the world will find it. The marketing will take care of itself.