Technology is taking over the Real Estate sector too

Look at the top six holdings in Vanguard’s REIT ETF (ticker VNQ), they’re all technology plays – ecommerce fulfillment, cloud computing, data centers, wireless cell towers, etc. These technology bets now comprise a third of the real estate sector’s market cap weighting.

The new episode of my podcast went up today, as it does each Friday morning. I get into what’s gone on in the REIT sector this year and lots of other stuff.

On this episode of The Compound Show, Josh talks about the 4.8 million jobs added back in June, the wild dispersion within the Real Estate sector of the stock market, warehouses vs office buildings, and some plans for July 4th weekend. Michael Batnick joins for another round of What Are Your Thoughts to answer the question “Why would anyone invest right now?”

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