Our new weekly email blast for financial advisors only

We’re very fortunate to have the best curator of content in all of finance as our firm’s director of investor education. Tadas Viskanta, creator and author of the incomparable Abnormal Returns blog, began doing a weekly email blast for our own client-facing advisors a few weeks back. I took a look at it and said to him “Dude, this is way too good to only be seen by the 16 advisors at the firm. Every advisor in the industry should be able to get this.” Tadas agreed, so we built it into a free weekly email.

It’s just five links – the best five links – that Tadas has come across each week for advisors. Some of it will be industry news, some will be investment related, all of it will be essential.

One thing you should know about Tadas is that he reads absolutely everything. There’s no one quite like him. In the Game of Thrones universe, there are characters called Maesters, and they’re the wisest, most learned people in the Seven Kingdoms. “Service as a Maester is a noble calling, one of vital importance to a prosperous realm. It is little wonder there are some who refer to the Order as the Knights of the Mind,” according to Maester Luwin. Tadas is a Maester and I check his blog daily to know what I should be reading.

Anyway, if you’re a financial advisor and you want to get smarter and stay informed, subscribe and get his top 5 links every Friday. It’s an excellent way to catch up on the best stuff you may have missed each week.

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