We don’t publish lists of all the planes that land every day

106,000 or so flights take off and land every single day, almost always without incident. That’s why it’s news when one doesn’t.

Market activity is much the same, almost every day represents a day without a crash. We focus on the possibility of a crash because, for some, the damage could be life-altering and unfixable, depending on how their portfolio is invested. There is also a tie-in between market crashes and the real-world economy, which allows our feelings about job security to creep into the market crash fears that all of us subconsciously harbor.

And so anything that has even the slightest imprimatur of potentially crash-y activity leads the headlines. Perfectly understandable. We’ve evolved to be on the lookout for scenarios that endanger us. And from a business perspective, nobody clicks on the “all is normal” headlines, so they aren’t often published.

Someone sent me this and I thought it was pretty funny. This newspaper would be bankrupt relatively quickly if it existed.

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