Why everyone’s talking about ‘Animal Spirits’

Over the last few weeks people have stopped me at events and parties to talk about Animal Spirits, the new podcast from my colleagues Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson. It’s not hard to understand why. It’s literally the best. Their authenticity, curiosity and senses of humor are what make it different from anything else you can listen to each week.

Their fans range from financial advisors to traders to fund managers to young investors learning the game. I think each week there’s something for everyone.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Ben cover:

  • Our takeaways from the latest Warren Buffett annual shareholder letter.
  • What happens to the Berkshire Hathaway share price when Buffett is no longer steering the ship?
  • When stocks and bonds both fall at the same time.
  • The coming baby boomer retirement crisis.
  • What to do if you haven’t saved anything for retirement yet.
  • Why millennials should think about retirement differently than their parents.
  • The Uhaul shortage in the Bay Area.
  • My Adam Sandler theory on comedy and Silicon Valley.
  • The best year ever in the Dow took place during the worst long-term returns.
  • How financial reporting is often like the show Cops and much more.

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