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A few weeks back, I launched an experiment with Premo Social – a private Twitter feed that would allow me to have more in-depth interactions with a smaller group of people. So far, it’s been fun and interesting to try. There are some traders in there, some investors and a lot of financial advisors. It’s been cool discussing the topics I’m obsessed with and fielding DMs from folks I otherwise would not have gotten to know.

Some of the things we’ve been chatting about recently:

The intersection of political apathy and market activity of late
Bitcoin, which doesn’t stop rallying, and other crypto developments
The nascent breakout in Intel shares
The endless rampage in NVDA
A list of politics and economics writers and thought leaders I follow
Amazon vs Fedex and UPS
JP Morgan’s liquidity crisis call
Small broker-dealers are the coal miners of the financial sector
Lithium stocks / lithium bull market
More Bitcoin (how is this not fascinating to you yet?)
Facebook’s ad tech and the responsibility it has to America
Bonds vs stocks
RIA cybersecurity issues
Some behind the scenes stuff from interactions with famous investors
Podcasts we’re listening to
Technicals vs fundamentals

There’s lots more going on, that’s just off the top of my head. I’m learning a lot from the responses to my tweets from the people who have joined the fold. I’m hoping to slowly add more folks with an interest in these subjects – experts or just people looking to learn like I am.

If you want to check it out, details are here:

All Access TRB

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