The Millennials May Get Their Mania After All

Look: E Trade found a Jesse Eisenberg lookalike to recreate the late-1990’s zeitgeist for a new generation. Today’s twentysomethings were in elementary school the last time speculation was sold to people like this. All it took was Nasdaq 5000 to crank the gears back up again.

Back in the day it was Jackie Chan kicking trades into a laptop and Shaq talking about PE ratios and a tow truck driver who had traded his way into owning a private island. Today it’s this – the new E Trade Baby – now airing everywhere.

The Millennials may get their mania after all.

I actually think it’s cool to see a new generation get involved in markets. Unfortunately, some of them are going to fall for this, and the Snap IPO and whatever other easy money ideas are dangled before them.

Investment manias are a feature of American Capitalism, not a bug. Read the history. No need to get upset about it.

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