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Due to client demand, Ritholtz Wealth Management has created an ESG version of our classic asset allocation models, known as the Portland Portfolio. Research shows that high net worth families are increasingly interested in directing their investable assets toward companies with good records on Environmental, Social and Governance issues.

Please enjoy the below reads, curated by our in-house ESG expert, Joey Fishman. And if ESG investing is something you’d like to learn more about, talk to us here


Yes, Consumers Can Change Public Policies — Sometimes. Here Are the Challenges (WAPO) see also Conscious Consumerism is a Lie. Here’s A Better Way to Help Save the World (QZ)

GMO Names New CEO Amid ESG Funds Push (Modern Investor)

Make Earth Great Again!—Here’s How (Scientific American)

Chamber Of Commerce Urges Halt To More ESG Company Disclosures (FA MAG)

Fintech, Governance and Data Feeds (Bloomberg View / Matt Levine)

The Economic Risks of Climate Change in the United States (Risky Business)

A Conservative Plan to Combat Global Warming (Project Syndicate)

Why a Toxic Workplace is Now a Much Bigger Liability for Companies (WAPO)

Remembering a City Where the Smog Could Kill (New York Times)




Examples of ESG incorporation strategies can be summarized as follows:

Positive/best-in-class: Investment in sectors, companies or projects selected for positive ESG performance relative to industry peers. This also includes avoiding companies that do not meet certain ESG performance thresholds.

Negative/exclusionary screening: The exclusion from a fund or plan of certain sectors or companies involved in activities deemed unacceptable or controversial.

ESG integration: The systematic and explicit inclusion by investment managers of ESG factors into traditional financial analysis.

Impact investing: Targeted investments, typically made in private markets, aimed at solving social or environmental problems.

Sustainability themed investing: The selection of assets specifically related to sustainability in single- or multi-themed funds.

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