Panel Preview: Using Evidence to Avoid Major Investing Mistakes

This one’s going to be hot – in the afternoon session at the Evidence-Based Investing Conference, my friends Patrick O’Shaughnessy and James Chanos will take the stage for a conversation moderated by the inimitable Linette Lopez.

The topic? Loss avoidance! How to use the evidence available to not just make wise investment decisions, but to avoid making bad ones. This is an area of investing that doesn’t get as much attention as it should, especially in a conference format.


Both investors go about limiting risk in their portfolios in a highly structured way, Patrick using quantitative data to screen out red flags and Jim using source materials like corporate filings in a forensic search to find them. This one 45 minute session could be worth the entire price of admission alone.

Speaking of admission, I’m told there are a few tickets left at the 25%-off discounted rate. They won’t last. If you’re not yet on the guest list, what are you waiting for? It’s like 3 weeks away!

See Barry’s site for how you can score them.

Full agenda here.