The Riskalyze Report: How Advisors Handled Brexit

At the request of so many investment advisors, my friends at Riskalyze share the big trends in the assets going into and coming out of advisor portfolios every week. The underlying data is aggregated from hundreds of thousands of client accounts across the $120 billion and counting that advisors manage on the Riskalyze platform*. I hope we can uncover interesting trends for you each week…


June 19th – June 25th

Winners (advisor flows TO these investments increased substantially):
  1. International Bonds (BWX)
  2. Gold (GLD)
  3. Intermediate US Gov Bonds (IEF)

Losers (advisor flows FROM these investments increased substantially):

  1. Silver (SLV)
  2. High Yield Bond (BHYIX)
  3. Financials (XLF)


Josh here – some intel about what advisors were up to last week on Brexit eve (and Friday, after). via Riskalyze CIO Mike McDaniel:

“Advisor use of International Bonds via BWX rose over 20% week over week. That’s not a typo.” Somebody put on a big trade…

You also see IEF on the board – this is the 7-10 year Treasury ETF that investors sometimes use as a risk-off proxy position.

“Gold on the winners list and silver on the losers list. Advisor use of SLV week over week decreased by over 20% while advisor use of gold rose by over 4% week over week.”

And how about junk bonds and financials on the big losers list? I can’t say whether or not that was before or after the news Thursday night.

(to state the obvious, Riskalyze does not share client sensitive data with me or use animals in testing).

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