The Load Out

Just want to take a moment to thank the CFA Institute for having me out to Minneapolis this week for the annual wealth management conference. I closed out the session yesterday (just before they put out the alcohol). My talk was called “Building a 21st Century Wealth Management Firm” and it was a lot of fun sharing some of the stuff we’ve learned over the last few years.

Event organizers – if you want me for your next conference, symposium, bar mitzvah, etc, get in touch here.

Meeting up with my fellow financial advisors and family officers after the show was a huge bonus too. I always try to plan get-togethers like these whenever I travel because it’s great to connect with talented, engaged people who are fighting the same battles as I am. And there’s nothing better than departing having made new friends and contacts. The Minnesota crew was no exception – the people who came to hang out last night were exceptional.

Dinner was also amazing. Props to the guys from North Loop Capital for talking me into “Seasonal Scandinavian” fare at the Bachelor Farmer. I thought I was going to be consuming the flesh of my enemy and quaffing from a ram’s horn of mead. Because I’m an idiot. Instead, it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

Anyway, I’m at the airport headed back east. Thanks to everyone involved with the conference and all the people who came over to say hello. Really enjoyed meeting you all. See you next time I’m in town!

Take it away, Jackson…

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