Greatest Hits of the Financial Web, 2015

Michael Johnston at Fund Reference has put together an amazing list of posts / articles to catch up on from the year that was. There are at least 10 here that I missed (and I don’t miss anything).

With each passing year, the quality of investing-related content seems to increase (though there’s a lotofgarbage out there as well). During the past year I came across too many great pieces to count.

Below are 50 posts from 2015 that I especially enjoyed. Most of them are short and relatively straightforward. A few (such as #16) are a bit more complex. The common thread is that all made me a bit smarter, more thoughtful, or better informed (and a few had the added bonus of making me laugh).

Go get ’em:

The 50 Best Investing Insights of 2015 (Fund Reference)

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