Prepare for Bear

Really happy to point you towards my latest piece for Fortune Magazine, which just hit the web this morning. It’s the first article I’ve done that made the print edition, with a really splashy 4-page layout, graphics and everything :). If you’re checking the newsstand, it’s the issue with the Draft Kings CEO on the cover. 

Anyway, hopefully this will be helpful for you, no matter what kind of investor you may be…

fortune bearYou promised yourself you would never go through another 2008 without being prepared. “Never again” you said as the market rebounded off the bear market lows and your portfolio clawed its way back from a 50% drawdown. “I went through this in 2000 and then again in ’08. Next time, I’m going to be ready and protected.”

Next time might be now.

So have you prepared? Have you kept your promise? Are you about to find out?

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