Hot Links: Don’t Freak Out

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

This morning’s big WTF story: Spanish bond yields fall below US Treasury yields. That’s sounds logical.  (BusinessInsider)

Krugman: Don’t freak out, the European recovery still blows. Even by Japanese standards.  (NYT)

The S&P’s advance is even surprising the bulls.  (DrEdsBlog)

Emerging market stocks now at a one-year high, hope you didn’t blow out of them because of someone on TV.  (Bloomberg)

Andy Thrasher’s weekly technical rundown is always a great Monday morning primer on where we are.  (AThrasher)

These are the cheapest stock markets in the world.  (Telegraph)

Modi’s not playing games, he wants the $2 trillion Indian companies have stashed overseas to come back into his country’s economy.  (Bloomberg)

Jason Zweig: “Fund managers helped cause the last financial crisis—and they will contribute to the next one unless they and their clients stop obsessing over short-term performance.”  (MoneyBeat)

We just had four straight monthly employment reports with jobs growth over 200k. What’s your problem?  (EconMatters)

Morgan Housel: Recessions and both productive and helpful.  (MotleyFool)

Don’t freak out – your Apple shares didn’t plunge by 80% overnight, they split 7 for 1. Here’s what you need to know:  (ABCNews)

By the way, here’s all the new stuff coming in iOS 8.  (TrustedReviews)

How adding bonds to a portfolio reduces risk without adding a drag on returns.  (MarketWatch)

This weekend’s interview with Ray Dalio at the Wall Street Journal was outstanding.  (WSJ)

These were the top 20 quotes heard at the Code Conference.  (Recode)

Really interesting discussion about the similarities and differences between what Piketty is saying and what Karl Marx said.  (NewRepublic)

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