Hot Links: Already Burst

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Nomura: China’s Property bubble has already burst and the leaking has begun.  (ChinaRealTime)

The 25 highest-earning hedge fund managers in the United States took home a total of $21.15 billion in compensation in 2013, LOL  (NYT)

When JPMorgan shivers, Wall Street catches a cold.  (HeardOnTheStreet)

With the markets going nowhere, traders are chopping themselves up.  (ArmoTrader)

Hilariously, there is a shortage of treasury bonds.  (Bloomberg)

All emerging markets aren’t the same.  (DrEdsBlog)

A look at floating rate asset classes.  (Indexology)

Seven tips for stock traders determined to defy the odds.  (Bucks)

Barclays acting like Lehman Brothers never existed. (MoneyBeat)

David Einhorn beats athenahealth ($ATHN) like a rented mule.  (MoneyBeat)

ICYMI: My full notes from yesterday’s Ira Sohn Investing Conference.  (TRB)

Thanks a million to David Merkel for writing the first review of Clash of the Financial Pundits!  (AlephBlog)


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