Lost in Translation?

The Oriental Daily is a Hong Kong newspaper with about 1.7 million daily readers and a circulation of 530,000. I was recently profiled for an article they did about well-known financial bloggers in the US. The trouble is, their website doesn’t have an English version so I can’t figure out if I come off well in the story or not.

The article’s title, 股街市最怕管, was literally translated as “A Stock Market Fear Tube.” I have no idea what’s going on but that sounds like an amazing story.

Below is the original text (in whichever Chinese dialect is spoken in Hong Kong) followed by the hilarious translation from Google.

If you can give me a more accurate version, feel free to email it over…


Joshua M. Brown自稱聯儲局主席

以「Reformed Broker」作為筆名,Joshua M. Brown○九年開始玩Twitter評美股,更新得超級頻密,一日內寫逾50條「tweets」,回覆粉絲的速度快,追隨者多逾7萬人,他更自詡為Twitter聯儲局主席,想知美股的最新消息就應follow他。



社交媒體令他迅速走紅,他更與友人合著新書《Clash of the Financial Pundits》(直譯「金融權威崩潰」),分析社交媒體如何打破權威人士的壟斷, 以及網民應該如何善用網上資訊。


Google Translate:

Joshua M. Brown claimed Fed Chairman
To “Reformed Broker” as a pseudonym, Joshua M. Brown ○ 九年 U.S. stocks started playing Twitter assessment, frequent updates to be super, a more than 50 days to write “tweets”, replies fan speed, and more than 70,000 followers, he also boasted Twitter Fed chairman, would like to know the latest news on U.S. stocks should follow him.

Writing style humane
He and General Finance Twitter of the differences can be favorable for users? Joshua joked: “General stock analysts stern and serious in my writing style is very user-friendly, even the little things of life will be placed on Twitter, accumulated to a group of friends to join in, I did not have anything special, just a wealth! the world’s people are too dull gold old-fashioned. ”

Social media that he quickly became popular, he co-authored the book with his friends “Clash of the Financial Pundits” (literally translated “Financial collapse of authority”), an authoritative analysis of how social media to break the monopoly, and users should be how best to use information on the Internet.

Number of Twitter followers: 74,400


LOL, is that good? Am I killin’ it in Hong Kong yet? 


A reader sent in the following accurate translation, which makes Google’s software look quite inept…

1. The title of the article is “股網搞邊科:網絡財星萬民潮拜” and can be loosely translated as “What’s Up With the Stock Websites: Internet Financial Stars Worshipped By Ten-Thousands of Interest Users”.

2. 萬 = Ten Thousand

3. The original text was written in Traditional Chinese characters.

Joshua M. Brown – Self-claimed Fed Chairman
Using “Reformed Broker” as a pseudonym, Joshua M. Brown started commenting on U.S. stocks on Twitter in 2009, super-frequent updates, more than 50 tweets a day, rapid replies to fans, more than 70,000 followers, he even boasted to be the Twitter Fed Chairman, you should follow him if you would like to know the latest news on U.S. stocks.

Humane Writing Style
What is the difference between him and other financial Twitter writers to be favorable to the Internet users? Joshua joked: “Stock analysts are stern and serious, my writing style is very humane, even the little things of life are put on Twitter, attracting a group of Internet users to follow in time, not that I have anything special, just that the financial people are too dull and old-fashioned. ”

Social media has made him popular, the book he co-authored with his friend “Clash of the Financial Pundits”, translated as 「金融權威崩潰」, analyzes how social media can break through the monopoly held by authoritative figures, and how users should better use information on the Internet.

Number of Twitter followers: 74,400


Okay, that makes much more sense.


A stock market fear tube (Oriental Daily)

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