Hot Links: Barnburner

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Jerry takes us through a quick charted tour of the major market indices this morning.  (TheArmoTrader)

Retiring SEC veteran delivers a barnburner of a goodbye speech – lays out everything the agency has done to undermine itself.  (BloombergView)

$11.5 billion ripped away from Silicon Valley’s wealthiest people this past month. Rounding error.  (Bloomberg)

Inan Dogan tears the NYT’s Buffett takedown apart. Great insights about alpha and how to measure it.  (InsiderMonkey)

Meb Faber: This is why you should be focused on the very cheapest stocks.  (ETF)

I like Ed Yardeni’s term for the recent run from momentum stocks – “Internal Correction” – I’m totes stealing that.  (DrEdsBlog)

How survivorship bias tricks us into thinking a fund category has done better than it actually has.  (Morningstar)

ROBERT SHILLER: This One Chart Shows Why The US Is Years Away From Recession  (BusinessInsider)

Jeff Gundlach walks Ben Eisen through his current portfolio, talks about the threat of rising rates. (MarketWatch)

Brutalized Breakaway Brokers Speak Out.  (ThinkAdvisor)

David Merkel on why investors and market professional professionals should read Tom Brakke’s new book, “Letters to a Young Analyst”  (AlephBlog)

There’s a bubble in public intellectuals and I can’t wait til it crashes.  (Politico)

Stanford is the new Harvard.  (Bloomberg)

Will Joan Jett be fronting Nirvana for the Rock and Roll Hall of fame Induction Ceremony?  (ConsequenceofSound)

God bless the cowgirls.  (TheChive)

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