Hot Links: Schadenfreude Special

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Stocks shrugging off geopolitics this morning, headed higher.  (TheStreet)

It’s official: The Alibaba IPO is on the way.  (Reuters)

Russian billionaires get margin calls too, this is today’s Schadenfreude Special:  (Bloomberg)

Mohamed El-Erian joins Twitter!  (BusinessInsider)

Why the market should be more expensive that it has been historically.  (PhilosophicalEconomics)

Jason Zweig on how investors can keep their emotions from dominating decision-making.  (WSJ)

Jeremy Grantham (GMO) is not capitulating, just learning to live with the bubble.  (Barrons)

So many activist investors running around they’re tripping all over each other.  (Reuters)

Michael Wolff: Business Insider is raising more capital, but for what exactly?  (USAToday)

And you though the US had problems with economic stratification, take a look at inequality in Britain:  (Guardian)

List of Markets Not Tampered With By Bankers, Traders, Dominant Corporates & Hedge Funds.  (Cassandra)

Scientists use nanomaterials to supercharge photosynthesis in plants, brave new world.  (Wired)

Miley’s new lip tattoo is f***ing gross.  (Buzzfeed)

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