Hot Links: Blogging Uproar

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The Ukraine thing is far from over – Russia Said to Ready for Iran-Style Sanctions in Worst Case (Bloomberg)

The econo-nerds are in a blogging uproar about the tightness of the labor market. We best keep tabs on this shit in case it ever ends up mattering.  (TheEconomist)

How market tops get made.  (BloombergView)

Fightin’ Joe Donahue: “I believe that we are going through a process of adjustment whereby the market acclimates to a 4% and not 7.5% growth in China.”  (UpsideTrader)

Wow: “Alibaba is “95 per cent certain” to choose New York over Hong Kong for its initial public offering”  (FT)

Goldman’s Bitcoin research piece (no it’s not gold 2.0 or even a currency) has crossed over.  (Barrons)

Yet another financier suicide, this time a trader throws himself in front of a train.  (NYP) and (ZeroHedge)

Never forget to feed the ducks when they’re quacking.  (JoeKusnan)

Twitter is the New CNN, from last night ICYMI  (TRB)

Drunk Lindsay writes down a list of 36 famous guys she’s slept with, tosses it aside. Guess what happened next.  (InTouch)

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