Hot Links: Baby Funds

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Chinese stocks plunge overnight on real estate concerns  (Bloomberg)

Everyone’s obsessed with opining on the Netflix – Comcast bandwidth protection racket.  (WaPo) and (BronteCapital) and (StreamingMedia)

Exclusive excerpt from Warren Buffett’s forthcoming annual letter!  (Fortune)

Goldman: The economic slowdown is approximately 50% weather-related, the rest is because of True Detective.  (BusinessInsider)

Why do baby mutual funds do better than more established ones?  (MarketWatch)

The Value Investor gene does exist – but our formative environments matter too.  (WSJ)

These are the 25 hottest tech startups to watch for.  (LinkedIn)

John Chen speaks out on how he’s going to turn around BlackBerry.  (FoxBix)

Wall Streeters are heading west to Silicon Valley in droves – more money, less suit-wearing and regulation. Duh.  (SanFranMag)

“2013 was not the year for Nobel-worthy investment ideas”  (BusinessStandard)

The Nigerian Email scam comes to Wall Street – fake firms, make-belief famous financiers, Bitcoin and binary options – this tale has it all!  (SIRF)

Five myths of bond investing, dispelled by Jason Zweig and Joe Light.  (WSJ)

Why are emerging markets so cheap? Probably because they suck.  (DrEdsBlog)

Larry Swedroe: Don’t fall for the dividend ETF trap.  (ETF)

F*** retirement.  (TBP)

Michael Wolff just absolutely savages Forbes here:  (USAToday)

The new Alec Baldwin interview at New York Mag is totally off the hook.  (NYMag)

Look who’s DJing at New York City clubs now:  (NYMag)

My review of this spring’s must-read finance book, ‘Young Money’  (TRB)

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