Hot Links: The New 2 and 20

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Bank of Japan surprises markets with a doubling of incentives to drive bank lending.  (WSJ)

Forest Labs gets a $25 billion takeover.  (DealBook)

Everyone’s buzzing about the financial numbers in Candy Crush’s IPO filing.  (BusinessInsider)

Buffett, Loeb and all the rest of the hedge fund buys and sells from this past week’s 13Fs:  (WSJ) and (Reuters)

Soros has a $1.3 billion bet on against the S&P 500.  (MarketWatch)

Paulson’s not backing any further away from the gold investments.  (Bloomberg)

1.4 and 16 is the new 2 and 20.  (ValueWalk)

…maybe that will help hedge fund net inflows triple this year, if Deutsche Bank is to be believed.  (Bloomberg)

The Best and Worst Thing ABout Investing  (TRB)

Why China’s Xi Jinping should reset expectations for Chinese growth at 6% now and let a few of these “wealth management” thingies blow up.  (AsiaConfidential)

Meanwhile, China’s mobile payments business is a boom like no other, $1.6 trillion in transaction volumes and counting.  (TNW)

GLD fund flows illuminate just how terrible we are at market-timing – regardless of which market it is.  (AlephBlog)

Yes, investing is almost free – but so what? That won’t fix your behavioral issues unless you want it to.  (AbnormalReturns)

Brett Steenbarger aka The Trader Whisperer is back on the social web. Here’s why:  (TraderFeed)

Kevin Roose crashes Wall Street’s champagne-soaked underworld.  (NYMag) see also: The new caste system for young investment bankers (NYP)

The favorite books of all 44 US Presidents.  (Buzzfeed)

LeBron on the cover of the March (GQ)

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