Hot Links: One Foot Out The Door

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Wal-Mart warns, the Christmas quarter was weaker than expected…  (WSJ)

Equity funds see their largest week of net outflows in more than two years. You guys still have one foot out the door, LOL  (ZeroHedge)

What do you do when your trading system goes wrong?  (DashofInsight)

Putting Emerging Market Stock Losses Into Perspective  (WealthofCommonSense)

My friend Mary Childs may need to find a new beat as the credit default swaps market quietly fades.  (BusinessWeek)

ValueWalk’s preview of Twitter’s first-ever quarterly report is a worthwhile read.  (ValueWalk)

“’You never go broke taking a profit’ is a horrible, thoughtless, dumb investing aphorism that deserves to be consigned to the Satanic fires along with tipsheets and day trading.”  (PsyFiBlog)

Dispersion and Correlation: Which is “Better?” (Indexology)

Russell Investments chief economist found dead on the side of a highway.  (Bloomberg)

You ever notice how paranoid short people can be sometimes. You’re not imagining it…  (TheAtlantic)

Remember Sienna Miller? Still a total smokeshow.  (Esquire)

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