Hot Links: Too Many Fires Burning


Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The real impact when easy money ends, from a Harvard Int’l Econ prof.  (ProjectSyndicate)

The trouble with ignoring EM is that there are “too many fires burning”.  (BusinessInsider)

George Magnus agrees, he explains the possibility of global contagion from EM here:  (CreditWritedowns)

What you need to understand about Erdem Basci, Turkey’s competent central banker, and the challenge he’s facing.  (WSJ)

My friend Enis Taner is on the ground in his native Turkey, here’s his take.  (RiskReversal)

Traders – here’s what you can do to protect your portfolio in case this turns into a real-deal correction.  (ZorTrades)

A Turbulent Timeline Of Ben Bernanke’s 8 Years As Fed Chief (BusinessInsider)

Zuckerberg on the cover of BusinessWeek as Facebook turns 10.  (BusinessWeek)

Speaking of Facebook, look for a huge opening pop this morning on another stellar earnings report.  (USAToday)

In the markets, there is no such thing as “No Way”.  (bclund)

One sure route to getting more “economic equality” for yourself to is to improve your skills.  (AlephBlog)

How advisors can use wholesalers as “the spies of Wall Street” – ohmygod, I totally do this too.  (InvestmentNews)

The China solar boom is going into overdrive, as panel manufacturers begin building their own energy projects.  (Bloomberg)

Retirement experts say Obama’s My-RA initiative is a high-minded and well-intentioned joke.  (LAT)

The four horsemen of mediocrity  (SethsBlog)

How smokin’ hot is Jen Selter?  (NYP)

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