Hot Links: Time to Shine

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian is stepping down!  (BusinessInsider) and (Quartz)

The CEO of Dow Jones just quit too…  (Reuters)

Asset managers have basically gone all-in at this point.  (FatPitch)

Goldman: No, we did NOT call a market top.  (PragCap)

Could stocks be correcting through time right now as opposed to price?  (USAToday)

Can stockpickers shine now that everyone is an indexer?  (Morningstar)

Buffett is offering a billion-dollar prize if you can only do this one, nearly impossible thing…  (AlephBlog)

Why media buyers are excited about Twitter’s first attempt at an advertising platform.  (B2BDigitalMarketing)

Does Warren Buffett’s 29-year-old right-hand gal have the best job ever?  (Bloomberg)

The latest commentary from Jeff Saut: “How can we have a secular bull market given our dysfunctional government, where nothing gets done and class warfare is being hoisted?” (ValueWalk)

This is the Guardian article on China’s massive government corruption that got the site blocked there.  (Guardian)

Steer clear of reporters who confuse their politics with market commentary – there’s always an agenda.  (AboveTheMarket)

Investigating the “small cap premium”  (Morningstar)

This is where I would link to a story about developments in Davos if I could find one that anyone should give a f*** about:  (blank)

Marc Andreessen’s Bitcoin op-ed is going viral.  (DealBook)

A Wonderfully Simple Heuristic to Recgonize Charlatans (FarnamStreet)

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