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Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

“The world’s biggest economies will need to refinance $7.43 trillion of sovereign debt in 2014 as bond yields begin to climb from record lows”  (Bloomberg)

How to Invest as Interest Rates Rise (WSJ) and (QueenTakesPawn)

Investors can’t dump emerging market funds fast enough.  (ETFTrends)

Passive funds have doubled their share of industry AUM in the last ten years to 27%.  (Morningstar)

Tom Brakke on the importance of seven year periods, in life and in investing.  (ResearchPuzzle)

Stratton era SEC enforcement chief: Belfort’s gang wasn’t all that clever, just old school thieves.  (WSJ)

Chart: Ten years of fund flow data from Deutsche Bank.  (FloatingPath)

Yes Silicon Valley represents a giant bubble, but which company valuations are the most egregious and which are deserving?  (DealBook)

Why 2014 could be a very interesting year in technology.  (Quartz)

Are hedge fund investors gravitating towards liquid alts and ’40 Act funds?  (CNBCNetNet)

Why are market prognosticators so prone to pessimism is stocks generally go up over time?  (Morningstar)

Did Bill Gross badly mismanage his taper bets last year?  (Bloomberg)

Fascinating: Why are the Chinese so into Mark Twain?  (NYT)

Longread: This Irish crime family is stealing all the ivory tusks they can get their hands on.  (BusinessWeek)

I can’t believe they gave MC Serch a daytime talk show. Good for him, dude’s a pioneer.  (NYP)

ICYMI: My state of the market piece from this weekend: You Are Here.  (TRB)

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