Hot Links: The Trades That Get You There

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

The biggest hedge fund winners of 2013 and the trades that got them there.  (WSJ)

The Fly: “If you had difficulties believing the cultish meltups of 2013 and underperformed, kick that emotional noise to the side now and take a fresh look at things.” (iBankCoin)

Hedge funds and fund of funds, which are totally uncorrelated investment vehicles of course, are now chasing equity market performance with their allocations. Can’t believe it.  (Bloomberg)

Michael Harris: Here’s the actual total return that S&P 500 investors could have achieved, which is different than the index figure.  (PriceActionLab)

Jefferies strategist: Get rid of all your hedges and bonds and just buy the f***ing Nasdaq (I’m paraphrasing).  (BusinessInsider)

Here’s why raising the minimum wage to at least keep up with the cost of living would be good for the economy.  (NYT)

Perma-bears have spent the past few years utterly fixated on the concept of peak profit margins – here are five structural things they missed.  (PragCap)

Toronto Star’s End of the Gold Rush  (ValueWalk)

Can-Do vs Can’t-Do Culture  (Recode)

Uh oh – everyone’s bullish and buying expensive shit again…  (NYT)

Buzzfeed vs Gawker – John Gapper explain why entertainment will always draw more viewers than news.  (FT)

David Wessell spent the last 25 years covering the economy at the Wall Street Journal 0 here are the four things that surprised him most:  (WSJ)

The US stock market has recovered 130% from its crisis lows – the best of all major developed markets by far.  (ChartOfTheDay)

Dolphins are crackheads.  (HuffPo)

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