Hot Links: Pounding the Table

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Steve Liesman is pounding the table on a December Fed meeting taper. We shall see, Stevie!  (CNBC)

BlackRock chief strategist disagrees on taper timing, here’s why.  (ETFTrends)

What’s the deal with investors sitting on so much cash?  (TBP)

Morgan Housel’s The Five Most Important Rules in Finance is pretty sick.  (BusinessInsider)

Sorry, hedge fund returns are not going to revert back to the old mean of outperformance.  (FTAlphaville)

…and even if hedge funds did start to outperform, are they even earning their keep on a risk-adjusted basis?  (IndexUniverse)

It’s Volcker Rule day, bitch.  (DealBook)

Kid Dynamite slices through the gold trolls with a samurai sword.  (KidDynamite)

Eddy explains why investors should respect the yield curve as an indicator.  (CrossingWallStreet)

The ten worst economic predictions ever.  (ZeroHedge)

The wirehouses are pushing upstream yet again, slashing payouts for middle of the road brokers. This will end when each firm has one advisor managing a $2 trillion book of business.  (InvestmentNews)

Can you imagine how dirty Roger Ailes must be if they’re paying an ex-underling $8 million just to STFU?  (Gawker)

These are the top traders and commentators to follow on StockTwits / Twitter during earnings season.  (StockTwits)

Here’s The Moment Barack Obama Shook Hands With The President Of Cuba  (BusinessInsider)

Emmy Rossum is scary-hot. Why am I not watching this show of hers?  (Esquire)
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