Hot Links: Keep Your Head Down

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Supposedly the Fed is done moving the goal posts, will seek to normalize policy sooner rather than later.  (Reuters)

Gold is dropping again, because the market is open.  (BuisnessInsider)

The National Retail Federation is talking down Black Friday sales estimates.  (FT) and (Bloomberg)

Goldman trading idea for 2014: short copper / long Chinese equities.  (ZeroHedge)

Morgan Stanley’s big macro themes for next year.  (BusinessInsider)

ICYMI: Bank of America Merrill’s quants say The Street is still not bullish enough for this to be a top.  (TRB)

Citigroup’s new CEO sets the tone for a quieter, more anonymous Wall Street.  (DealBook)

Lil Weezy flips bullish on Bitcoin.  (BusinessInsider)

Gawker’s king of viral content shares his traffic secrets.  (WSJ)

Jeff Bezos wants to send helicopter drones out into the world as Amazon deliverymen. Keep your head down.  (BusinessInsider)

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