Hot Links: Bullish Justifications

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Twitter IPO pricing talk is $17 to $20 on or around November 6th.  More details: (DealBook)

Lil Weezy: Bullish justifications being spouted everywhere in this morning’s crop of research.  (BusinessInsider)

Bullish sentiment isn’t an automatic sell signal, papi.  (Schaeffers)

Greggy: It’s still US stocks crushing China stocks until further notice.  (DragonflyCapital)

Value managers are still letting cash balances pile up, they’re not chasing here.  (Bloomberg)

Economists are horrible people, study says  (Salon)

18 signs you’re reading bad criticism of economics.  (ChrisAuld)

Muddy Waters research report absolutely levels shares of NQ Mobile – among the largest shareholders is Steve Cohen.  (DealBook)

Disney’s plans for Shanghai are off the hook.  (Deadline)

The forward returns for a “desert island” portfolio, with minimal emphasis on US stocks, look much better than what’s projected for a “mainland” portfolio that looks good today.  (ResearchAffiliates)

Puerto Rico’s economy is a f***ing trainwreck.  (TheEconomist) and (Quartz)

Mark Zuckerberg made so much money last year…  (Mashable)

America’s youth is now trailing every other developing country in unimportant skills like math, literacy and problem-solving.  (NewYorker)


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