What did you learn?

Very quick here – the Senate has just approved a bill to someday approve a bill but, in the meantime, the debt ceiling is raised and the latest bullshit manmade crisis is averted.

But we already knew that this would be the outcome. I’ve been teaching you this lesson for years now.

If this resolution has caught you by surprise then you have not learned anything.

For the last time:

When push comes to shove, the one thing that you can absolutely count on in this world is that rich white people will end up preserving the status quo.

You can set your watch by it.

They can say whatever they want, but they will never risk the franchise for themselves. Republican, Democrat, Northerner, Southerner, German, Greek – they are all the same at the end of the day.

I told you that this would be how Europe would be resolved and if you listened, you made a lot of money.

I told you the same thing with this manufactured nonsense.

Two old, rich white guys having a dispute out in front of their mansions over whose property ends where will immediately shake hands and make up when they see the gardeners and housekeepers starting to plot or question authority. Yes, we are the maids and gardeners in this metaphor, apologies.

The status quo is more important to pols in power than any ideology, it’s even more important than any of their individual elections.

Never forget.

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