Hot Links: Begun These Debt Wars Have

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Felix Salmon: The Default has Already Begun.  (Reuters)

Bruce Bartlett: You don’t understand – they don’t want to save the day, they actually want to US to default.  (Economix)

Hedge funds at the highest levels of short-selling of the year now.  (Bloomberg)

Richard Holden and Justin Wolfers explain perfectly simply why Shiller, Fama and Hansen took the Economics Nobel Prize this year.  (Bloomberg)

What the great Fama-Shiller debate has taught us.  (HBR)

Tim Harford: Here’s why Fama (Efficient Market Hypothesis) deserved to win.  (FT)

Robert Shiller: Sorry, housing has never been a good “investment” in real terms.  (BusinessInsider)

The real risk to this market is overly optimistic earnings estimates for 2014.  (WSJ) and (WSJ)

LOL –  ‘Fourth Day Of Hope For “Imminent Deal” Should Be Sufficient For New Record High Close’  (ZeroHedge)

What are the cheapest Emerging Market ETFs right now?  (ETFTrends)

“Google’s ultra-high-speed internet service is for homes, not businesses. And Google wants to keep it that way.”  (Wired)

Krugman: No one cares who you are, Professor, it’s about ideas not rank.  (NYT)

Time doesn’t exist until we invent it.  (SethsBlog)

19 Things You Might Not Know Were Invented by Women (MentalFloss)

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