Hot Links: Public Enemy Number One

Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Here’s Carl Icahn’s plan for how Apple can add a few hundred bucks to its share price:  (WSJ) and (TechTrader)

It’s okay for the Russell to catch its breath – so long as the Nasdaq quietly takes the reins.  (DragonflyCapital)

David Merkel: “Value investing has two things going for it that tends to reduce the tendency for the rewards to be played out.  It takes effort, and it’s not sexy.”  (AlephBlog)

Eurozone’s longest-ever recession comes to an end  (USAToday)

Why does Dutchland still suck if the rest of Europe is recovering? That’s what they all it right? That country all the Hollish people are from?  (Slate)

McKinsey is Public Enemy Number One in the hollowing out of the American middle class.  (TBP)

A look at the state of capital spending.  (DrEdsBlog)

Silicon Valley’s unlimited wealth is cleaving San Francisco in two.  (LAT)

The case for gold rebounding back to 1600.  (Bloomberg)

Putting tech value stocks to the “Grandma Test”  (BronteCapital)

The ridicule over Hyperloop means Elon’s on to something.  (PhilPearlman) and (NewYorkMag)

Your first mistake…  (SethsBlog)

Lake Bell poses for New York Magazine’s fall fashion issue. My god…  (NewYorkMag)

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