First Trailer for Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Jobs’ Hits!

So far, the Apple insiders who have seen and heard stuff about this project are not giving it their blessing. They seem to have problem with the way things are played up a bit. Wozniak, in particular, has been publicly critical. That’s too bad, Woz – it’s not a documentary and people expect to be entertained.

Personally, I like Ashton even though I know it’s not cool to admit that – I don’t care,  I’m excited to see this. The one thing I’m perplexed over is the fact that it only takes us through 1971-2000, I’m not sure we wouldn’t get the happy ending where Jobs changes the world and proves all his detractors wrong a mere three years later. Odd choice, but maybe it works. The Aaron Sorkin-scripted film based on Walter Isaacson’s “definitive” bio will probably be the big Jobs film and maybe we can look at this like an appetizer.

According to the site Apps Gone Free, it’s slated for an August 16th release. The first full trailer is here:


Apps Gone Free