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Stuff I’m Reading this Morning…

Today’s must-read: Ruchir Sharma, the head of emerging markets and global macro at Morgan Stanley Investment Management: The Gold and Oil Boom is Over.  (Bloomberg)

Goldman Sachs: Stocks aren’t cheap but the rally ain’t over – buy the cyclicals.  (TheTell)

Mohamed El-Erian’s excellent take on what’s happening in Japan right now.  (ProjectSyndicate)

“We have crisis fatigue,” Brown said.  (NYP)

Jeff Gundlach: Rates are going nowhere.  (BusinessInsider)

Seth Klarman is not playing the momentum game, “most investors feel the hefty weight of short-term performance expectations, forcing them to take up marginal or highly speculative investments that we shun.”  (ZeroHedge)

(Berkshire Block)

Jason Zweig on how Buffett is teaching investors humility and self-doubt as an advantage.  (MoneyBeat)

“Credentialed Bear” Dougie Kass gets to tangle with Buffett live at Berkshirepalooza, hits the old man up for some money.  (DealBook)

Charlie Munger: Of course the banks are going to blow up again. Ain’t you paying attention?  (Fortune)

 (end Berkshire Block)

Turns out Austerity may have been what pushed the American colonists to revolution back in the day, Reinhart.  (Bloomberg)

Mario Gabelli is pimping on a level that you can’t even understand, player.  (DealBook)

Amazing new tool to bookmark: The cheapest ETF for every investment objective.  (ETFdb)

Deep thoughts from the Interloper – The Economics of Generation Hate  (Interloping)

Visit the luckiest village on earth – where everyone won the national lottery together.  (GQ)

The 25 worst predictions ever.  (TheChive)

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